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Connecting Communities: Honoring Military Families and Veterans

At Kinetic, we have a profound admiration for our military service members and their families. That is why we are grateful to be able to help nurture communication within this special community. The internet plays a vital role in keeping military families connected. Today’s digital world offers unique opportunities, despite the challenges of deployment and frequent relocations. From virtual birthday celebrations to providing access to essential resources – like education, telemedicine, and support groups – the internet serves as a lifeline for families separated by duty.

However, our commitment to military service members extends beyond providing internet services. With a deep respect for those who have served, we’re proud to have many of them among our employees. There are 1,146 veterans and 100 military spouses, representing 13% of our entire workforce, serving our customers around the country.

Through our veterans’ resource group and other initiatives, we aim to provide comprehensive support to military personnel and their families, acknowledging and addressing their unique needs.

WINVets Employee Resource Group


Veterans at Kinetic can take part in WINVets, a group dedicated to providing networking opportunities, empowering information, and fostering career development to help each individual to excel in their chosen career path.

Throughout the year, WINVets hosts many events, including summer cookouts, a Veterans Day breakfast, and a Toys for Tots and dog food drive around the holidays. In April, which is Month of the Military Child, we spotlighted one of our employees with a family history steeped in military tradition. This personal story highlights the profound impact of military service and the importance of honoring our veterans and their families.

Military Child Spotlight

Lynda Lieb’s upbringing in a family of veterans deeply influenced her perspective and values. Her father, who served in the Army during the Korean War, instilled in her a strong sense of self-sufficiency and practical skills. He dedicated countless hours to teaching her carpentry, car maintenance, minor electric repair, and plumbing.

Their shared pastime of fishing provided not only moments of relaxation but also opportunities for meaningful conversations about his experiences. Lynda fondly remembers the time spent with her father and gaining a deeper understanding of him. Growing up with a veteran, Lynda offers advice for those who want to help. She encourages people to consider donating to veteran causes but emphasizes that even a simple thank you and a handshake can mean a lot to a veteran.

Above all, she says we should never forget them.

Indeed, our passion for supporting veterans drives us to ensure we are vigilant in our efforts. We are proud to be recognized for our work as a veteran-positive organization, and we were bestowed with the 2024 Veterans Career Award.

WIN receives 2024 Veterans Career Award

Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) is a nonprofit that supports veterans with spinal cord injuries and diseases like MS and ALS, along with their families and caregivers. We were honored at their Igniting Change Gala with the 2024 Veterans Career Award. This affirms our commitment to champion and advocate for veterans across all levels of our organization through inclusiveness, hiring, and retention of veteran workers.

Veteran Crisis Support

Led by our employee resource group WINVets, Kinetic employees established a grassroots scholarship fund to help veterans at risk of suicide or in crisis. The fund recently donated $4,500 to the Camp Brown Bear retreat center in Frankfort, Kentucky. Run by a retired US Navy Seal, Camp Brown Bear provides a year-round immersive program with a goal of reducing veteran suicide. The camp provides a safe, supportive outdoor environment for emotional and physical recovery from PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and other combat-related conditions.

Military Leave Policy

Our military leave policy was created to give our service members peace of mind. When called to active duty, we bridge the gap between military pay and their current pay so that they can care for their family, financial, and healthcare needs (subject to the terms of collective bargaining agreements).

Kinetic is proud to have a role in keeping military families united and supported through the unique journey of military life. By leveraging the power of technology, these families can stay connected and strong, no matter where their service takes them. As we continue to strengthen our efforts, we remain dedicated to supporting veterans in many ways. Our commitment is unwavering as we stand alongside our military community, honoring their sacrifices and celebrating their resilience.

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