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  • DISH Delivers Netflix and Vevo App to Joeys

DISH Delivers Netflix and Vevo App to Joeys

In addition to Netflix, DISH has also become the first pay-TV provider to offer Vevo to all second-generation Hoppers. This enhancement offers customers access to its library of 140,000 HD music videos, live concert performances, Vevo TV to watch music videos 24/7, and other music-loving features to check out—and the best part is, Vevo is a free service! The Vevo app will rollout to DISH’s first-generation Hopper and all Joey clients later this year.
Whether you feel like propping your feet up on the couch and watching ‘Friends’, or dancing around the house to the newest Beyoncé music video, DISH makes it easier to get entertainment at the click of a button.
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