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Havok Designs: Making Sustainable Beautiful and Wearable.

Kristen Shearon, designer, maker and owner of Havok Designs - started the company four years ago while living in a remote cabin in a Montana forest. At the time, her husband had a woodworking machine in their barn, but during the harsh Montana winter, the machine was inoperable. Kristen wanted a way to continue working with wood in the comfort of her own home. With the purchase of a laser engraver, Kristen applied her passion of crafting raw materials into polished pieces and grew Havok Designs into what it is today.
With an intense closeness to nature and all its beauty, Kristen’s designs tell a story of where she’s been and where she’s bound to go. Her degree in Art and Design from Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach County, Florida helped her find and achieve her unique aesthetic. For Kristen, it’s all about doing simple, well. “It’s hard…” Kristen says, “You have to make sure you edit yourself. You have to contain your thoughts into an easy to understand design.” With pieces that are whimsical and bold, that approach is evident in her geometric shapes and lines. From her time in Montana, subtle Native American influences echo throughout. Havok Designs feature modern silhouettes crafted with a mix of new and old school, traditional techniques.
At their core, all of Kristen’s designs have a common thread: sustainability. Whether it’s the wood and cork coming from a small mill in Missouri, their 100% recycled printed materials, or their supplementary supplies from locally owned American vendors, Havok Designs crafts beauty, responsibly.
Looking to the future, Kristen is excited about where she can take Havok Designs. “I’m always looking for ways to push what the laser engraver can do,” Kristen says. “I want to incorporate all of what woodworking can be nowadays.” Staying true to her aesthetic, Kristen plans to continue growing Havok Designs they way she built it – mixing traditional and modern techniques. “As long as I can keep that going and keep that moving in a successful direction,” Kristen says, “I’ll be happy.”
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