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How to Watch the NCAA Tournament Online with Kinetic Internet

Not long ago, if you didn’t have cable you didn’t have the hook up. The games are on CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV. Then, there are the places we have to go without TV — the store, the parking lot of the kids’ school, the office, ugh! If only there was a way to watch the NCAA Tournament online without cable?
Drop the woe is me and go whoa, instead, with YouTube TV.
YouTube TV offers 70 traditional cable and broadcast channels including all of the major networks, nearly all of the marquee cable channels (USA, AMC, the three tournament channels — TBS, TNT and truTV — and more), news, food, nature, and ESPN and FS1 for $50 a month.
With Kinetic Internet, your YouTube TV won’t buffer even when you’re simultaneously running three different streams (included in one account!). Take your Google login and live stream content wherever you can carry a screen and get a connection.

Break Out Your Brackets

Before lining up viewing, fans will want to square up their brackets. Predicting brackets — arguing, fussing and amending before finally submitting them — is what’s endeared the event to so many Americans. According to the Smithsonian, picking NCAA brackets became a national phenomenon once the association expanded the tournament in 1985 to include 64 teams (more recently four additional teams have been invited on a “play-in” basis).
What’s all the fuss about?
For one, it’s nearly impossible to pick every winner. The NCAA has placed the odds of getting the right bracket at one in 9.2 quintillion, or one billion billions.
What’s the fun in coming up short? Why don’t you ask Blake Ahearn, the Missouri State University guard who didn’t make all 460 of his career free throws. He did make 435, or 95% of them, the highest in NCAA history.
Like any pick ‘em league, it’s fun to craft your unique bracket and compare it to friends’. There’s excitement in every matchup, particularly the ones in which you pick an upset, and hey, prizes may be at stake!

Stream It Lightning Fast

By now, you’ve likely got your mind made up on brackets. Selection Sunday is when it all begins, when we all learn which teams have a bracket spot.
If you’re wondering how to stream the NCAA Tournament beginning with the selection show, look no further than YouTube TV.
If you’re wondering whether your house is ready to support watch parties, with more than one stream going at once, guests checking their social media feeds, posting to their feeds and ringing the video doorbell, you’ll want to ask yourself one more thing, then check in with our Kinetic by Windstream team.
Do you have the speed you need?
The last thing you want is to miss that buzzer-beater shot because of buffering. Lock in great streaming with a lightning-fast internet connection.
Our Kinetic Internet service provides a reliable connection with speeds up to one gig.

See what’s available in your area, and contact a sales representative today about upgrading your speed.

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