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Hunting, Fishing, and Coding

We stopped by Powderhook headquarters and the company’s lead designer, BJ Tallman, took us on a short hunting trip and chatted with us about Lincoln’s growing startup scene.
Powderhook lets you browse over 500,000 hunting and fishing areas in all 50 states, so you can find the perfect place for your expedition. The site is more than just a listing of hunting grounds – Powderhook helps you coordinate travel logistics if you’re going with a group of friends and it also features a marketplace so you can buy and sell tickets to outdoor events.
Even though Powderhook is a tech startup, a love of the outdoors pulses through the company. This juxtaposition of interests makes sense, given that the company is located in Lincoln, Nebraska – a city that is at the heart of a region that many have dubbed “Silicon Prairie.”
Here, a Powderhook employee works on the back-end coding for the site in the company’s rustically decorated headquarters in the center of Lincoln.
BJ Tallman is a jack-of-all-trades. His job at Powderhook involves sales, marketing, and all web design.
It’s easy for BJ to take a break from the office to go hunting or fishing. “We’re only 15 minutes away from a tranquil pond, lake, or set of trees,” says BJ.
In fact, it’s not only Powderhook’s hope that everyone will find time in their busy schedules to go hunting and fishing more often – it’s their mission statement. “It’s all about connecting people to the outdoors,” BJ says. “It’s access for all.”
To learn more about Powderhook, visit www.powderhook.com.
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