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Keeping Your Kids Safe Online When They’re Using The Internet More Than Usual

Don’t let the worries of the moment crowd out security measures. Now, as ever, invest in parental control — an internet filter for setting screen time limits, sifting age-appropriate content and preventing cyberattacks.

Kinetic Secure is our new home network protection bundle designed for a vastly more connected space than the one you lived in just a few years ago. Kinetic Secure is internet parental controls and filters — layered protection across devices in the home, your wireless modem and the network.

Kinetic Secure is an opportunity to monitor activity, shut down activity and filter activity:
  • Cybersecurity from global leader F-Secure
  • Identity theft protection from CreditGuard
  • Kinetic’s own certified technical advisors 24 hours a day
  • Control over Wi-Fi access momentarily, or permanently

Kinetic Secure is gatekeeper monitoring. You choose to add or remove devices from the Wi-Fi network, limit screen time, even set bedtimes. You can monitor and exclude particular sites, even put Wi-Fi on pause altogether.

Best of all, you get it all right there on the MyWin app along with real-time location data, and a list of all connected devices and their recent internet usage. See and direct usage from a touchscreen interface that goes with you, around the house or around the world.
Whether it’s playing a world-building game, participating inside a virtual classroom or designing Mother’s Day cards, your children should have everything educational and social the internet offers. Real-time data on usage from Kinetic Secure helps you steer them toward what you want for them and away from bad habits. Kinetic Secure is the tool you need to protect the whole family from online predators, fraud schemes and cyberattacks all conveniently with a touch of a button when on the Kinetic Wi-Fi network.
To find out more about parental controls, internet filters and security, see Kinetic Secure Packs.
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