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  • Kinetic Digital Inclusion and Literacy in 2022

Kinetic Digital Inclusion and Literacy in 2022

  • Kinetic Scholars – Kinetic awarded scholarships for continuing education, including STEM, in communities across our footprint. In 2022, the company awarded approximately $20,000 to students in six states.
  • Kinetic has worked with local partners to teach Digital Literacy classes and Broadband 101 Senior center classes in Kentucky.
  • Kinetic has funded technology grants for educational organizations in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
  • Kinetic provides support resources directly to customers through welcome emails and face-to-face interactions with retail employees and technicians who install their service. The company also provides an online customer portal and YouTube videos to troubleshoot common issues that arise.
Business and Workforce Development
Community Participation
  • Computer training/internet accessibility community partnerships in Ohio.
  • Town Hall meetings to share the coming fiber investment through Georgia State Fiscal Recovery Funds
  • Community Grants for various organizations in communities we serve (United Way, humane societies, domestic violence shelters, economic development and veteran support groups) to ensure technological resources are up to date.
  • Connected device giveaways at events across the footprint.
Looking Ahead
We’re not stopping. In the weeks and months to come, we will continue to engage with customers in the communities we serve to let them know when fiber internet is coming their way, how to make the most of their high-speed service and provide educational and career opportunities to boost economic development.
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