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Kinetic TV Frequently Asked Questions

That’s why Kinetic by Windstream created Kinetic TV, an all new streaming service that gives you television on your own terms.
So, what exactly is streaming TV? Streaming uses the Internet to deliver audio and video entertainment to televisions, computers, game consoles and mobile devices, like smartphones or tablets. You can purchase a streaming device from us or use your own streaming device (Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, etc.) or Smart TV.
Once you’ve got a streaming device, connect it to your home Wi-Fi and the device will complete the rest of the setup automatically. You’ll then have to install Kinetic TV and other streaming service apps, get logged in and start browsing for the next movie or show you want to binge watch!
Ready to learn more about how you can stream shows and movies with Kinetic TV? Here’s a primer from our Kinetic by Windstream team:

What is Kinetic TV?

Kinetic TV is a streaming TV service that gives you access to live, local and broadcast channels, along with on-demand shows and movies, through your Internet connection. Kinetic TV allows you to save money, as compared with traditional television services, while still providing access to the entertainment you enjoy the most.

Are you eligible to sign up for Kinetic TV?

It’s available to new and existing customers who subscribe to our Kinetic Internet services. It’s currently available in select markets, though we’re adding more over the next few months.
For optimal performance, we recommend you have a minimum download speed of 10 Mbps. Not sure what your bandwidth is? Call 800-345-3874 or visit a local retail store to see if your area is eligible, verify your speeds or see if you can get a speed upgrade.

Is Kinetic by Windstream providing any bundle offers?

Customers must have Kinetic Internet to purchase Kinetic TV. Pricing on the bundle will vary based on special offers and your market. Check with your local retail store to see what offers are currently available to you.

What devices or equipment do you need?

We’ve made Kinetic TV flexible so that you have several options when it comes to equipment. You can purchase a streaming device from us for $74.99 or use your own streaming device or Smart TV.

Is a contract required?

No. You can change or cancel your service at any time by calling 800-347-1991 or visiting a local retail store.

Are there different packages, and how much do they cost?

We offer two packages, Select and Preferred. Kinetic TV Select includes local channels, 60+ popular national programming channels (TNT, TBS, AMC, ESPN, Disney Channel, Fox News Channel, NFL Network, etc.), about 50 music channels, three different viewing streams, five profiles, 50 DVR hours, video on demand and TV everywhere — all for $75/month. Kinetic TV Preferred includes everything from Select, along with 50+ more channels (Disney Junior, Nick Jr., Cooking Channel, ESPNU, SEC Network and more) — all for $85/month. Remember that different markets will have different channels, so be sure to check for a channel lineup with your local retail store.

Are there add-ons for premium channels or specific types of entertainment?

Yes! We currently offer Kinetic TV Sports and Entertainment, which you can add to your package for an additional $5/month. That will include channels such as NFL RedZone, FOX Soccer Plus, regional FOX Sports offerings, Discovery Family and more. You can also tack on PIXL for $2/month, the seven-channel Encore suite for $5/month or the six-channel Starz suite for an extra $10/month.
Not seeing your favorite premium channels? We are working to expand our selection, so check back with us soon!

What if you want more streams?

No problem! You can add an extra stream for $5/month, and have a total of five streams for $10/month.

How do you navigate Kinetic TV?

Kinetic TV is app-based. Once you’ve downloaded the free app and logged in, you can navigate using your streaming device’s remote control, your touchscreen mobile device or the voice navigation built in to your Kinetic TV remote.

What features are included with Kinetic TV?

Kinetic TV includes:
  • Cloud DVR — Our DVR storage is in the cloud, allowing you to store 50 hours of your favorite shows and movies online where you can access them anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Video on demand — Watch more than 10,000 of your favorite shows and movies any time you like from our video-on-demand library.
  • Restart features — Fifteen minutes into a new episode? Use our restart feature to watch the show from the very beginning.
  • Replay features — Watch previously-aired shows and movies for up to 72 hours after the program’s original air time.
  • Multi-streaming — Watch up to five different shows on up to five different devices, so no one has to miss out on the fun!

Can you increase the amount of time you have for DVR?

Yes, you can purchase additional cloud DVR storage. Get a total of 100 hours for an extra $5/month, 200 hours for an extra $10/month or 300 hours for an extra $15/month.

How do you record a show or movie?

To record from a live program, press the “Select” or “OK” button on your remote control or swipe on your mobile device and you’ll see a screen overlay with several options. Navigate to the “Rec” option, and press “Select.”
You can also select a program to record while browsing anywhere within the TV guide, Replay TV or search. By choosing the program, you’ll find more information about it, along with an option to record.

How do you access video on demand?

Access the menu by pressing the “Back” button on your remote. Navigate over and click “Shows” or “Movies,” and you’ll see all the video on demand options available to Kinetic TV.

Does Kinetic TV have parental controls?

Yes. To enable them, go to your “Profile Settings” in the main menu, and start the setup process. You’ll be asked to create a four-digit PIN, which will be used to restrict access to parental controls and any mature content rated R, TV-MA or NC-17.
Kinetic TV is currently in select markets, though we will expand this initiative to other areas throughout the year. Check back with your local retail store to see when it may be coming to your area!
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