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Kinetic TV — Your Ticket to a World of Expanded Entertainment From Your Set-Top Box

One of the most convenient features of Kinetic TV streaming is the replay feature. Many channels allow us to automatically provide viewers access to up to three days of recently-aired programs. So, if you missed a favorite show and forgot to record it, you can navigate backwards in the guide to watch programs that have already aired.
Kinetic TV also comes with a built-in online DVR and 50 hours of storage. Additional hours of storage can be purchased if you choose. Recording can be easily set from the guide page and offers a series recording feature to automatically record new episodes of your favorite shows as they air.
To watch shows or movies, you must have a streaming-capable TV or an iOS or Android device. You may use their own compatible device, or take advantage of the powerful Kinetic TV set-top box offered by Windstream.
While the Kinetic TV box had initially only been offered for sale, the 4K-capable box is now available for lease as well.
Read on for a quick look at some of the best features of our Kinetic TV box.

Expand your world of entertainment options

The compact Kinetic box is designed to do more than just act as a streaming TV receiver that offers a great picture. It expands your world of entertainment with built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast.
The next-generation 4K HDR capable Kinetic TV streaming device provides an affordable yet feature-rich way to access video and other entertainment options.
It’s easy to use, and its voice search features allow for simplified navigation.
The box can download apps from Google Play Store including games, music and video applications. And, the box is compatible with many USB cameras, keyboards and game controllers through its USB ports.
The streaming device operates on the latest Android OS 9.0 Pie, powered by Google, and has 16 GBs of total storage. It comes equipped with a variety of port options, like an optical audio port for surround sound.
Kinetic TV boxes offer both Wi-Fi and Ethernet options for a more stable connection.
And, you now have the option to either purchase or lease a Kinetic TV streaming device from Windstream. While you may already have compatible smart TV sets or choose to use the “Bring Your Own Device” option, the Kinetic TV set-top box provides a feature-rich alternative that can download both video and gaming apps. It is a low-cost, easy-to-use streaming device with 16 GB of total storage (12 GB of shared storage).

Find fun and online help with Google Assistant

One of the coolest features of the Kinetic TV streaming box is how it allows you to explore the digital universe with Google Assistant. Both fun and convenient, Google Assistant lets you choose to use voice commands to quickly get answers, search for content and play videos. With a press of the Google Assistant button on the Kinetic TV remote, users can ask questions and issue voice commands.
Try asking Google Assistant, “What’s the weather today,” or “Tell me the latest baseball scores.”
“Talk” lets you interact with many apps. For example, to get recipes emailed to your Google account, say “Talk to Food Network,” then ask the Food Network to send you the recipes featured on the program currently airing.
To start planning your day, just say, “Good Morning.” Google Assistant will give you a quick rundown of the latest information.
With Google Assistant, you can also keep up with local traffic conditions, explore YouTube content and play your favorite tunes.
Google Assistant on the Kinetic TV streaming device lets you unlock the next generation of TV entertainment options.

Chromecast app content to your TV

The Kinetic TV streaming box comes with Chromecast built in. Chromecast lets you easily cast videos, photos, music and other content from your cellphones, tablets and smart devices right to your TV.
To cast from Chromecast-enabled apps to your TV, the device you are casting from must be on the same Wi-Fi network as your Kinetic TV set-top box.
With the app open on the casting device, simply tap the Chromecast button. Then, tap the name of the Kinetic TV device to which you are wanting to cast the content. It is that easy.
When connected, you can cast videos, photos, music, movies and TV shows right to your television screen through the Kinetic TV box.
To disconnect after you have finished viewing, simply tap the Chromecast button on the app.

Remote Features

The Kinetic TV remote is streamlined and simple to use. The remote also offers easy access to voice commands. It features both infrared and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing convenient placing of the Kinetic TV set-top box.
A soft remote is also available by downloading the Android TV remote onto a cellphone or tablet.
Bluetooth pairing of the Kinetic TV remote and the box are normally done as part of the initial Kinetic TV device setup. If the remote is not paired to the device, some functions of the streaming device such as the Bluetooth voice controls may not work.
To pair the remote and the Kinetic TV set-top box, first click the HOME Page button on the remote control. Use the directional arrows to navigate to the gear-shaped icon in the upper right of the screen, and click the icon to call up the SETTINGS menu. Navigate to the “Remotes & Accessories” listing and click on it. By default, the screen will show the device to be in search mode.
On the remote, press and hold both the “OK” button and the volume down button (bottom of the +/- switch) until the indicator light at the top of the remote flashes red. A screen will appear with the remote name at the top right. (similar to RemoteB009) .
Select the “OK” button and the remote will begin the process of pairing the device to the remote. The menu will show as “connected” when the process is complete. Once the Bluetooth pairing is complete, both Google Assistant and other voice search options are ready for use.
Ready for total entertainment? See if Kinetic TV is available in your area.
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