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Life in the Fast Lane

“The police officers used to come in and tell me to slow down, they never tried to catch me, but they knew who delivered pizza the fastest in town,” said Prusiensky.
It was in that same Dodge Charger that Prusiensky went from delivering pizzas to delivering track championship wins as his pedal-to-the-metal style became more competitive.
Leaving “bracket racing” behind in 2014, Prusiensky launched his search for a pro stock car, leading to the start of his NHRA career when he purchased the Total Seal Dodge Avenger, which qualified him for the Gator Nationals. This set the pace for many more NHRA rounds, all leading up to the round win at his hometown track in Englishtown, GA.
For the 2018 racing season, Kinetic by Windstream chose to sponsor Alan in six races. For the first sponsored race in Concord, North Carolina, Alan and his car set up shop at the Windstream store on Cabarrus Avenue. Locals from the community were invited to meet Alan, take pictures with him and his car, grab an autograph and enjoy free food. Our friends at WRFX were at the event with music and coverage leading up to the race.
In Commerce, Georgia, at the store on Pottery Factory Avenue, local fans were able to have a similar experience and DJ Kathy from WCON joined the event. DJ Kathy grabbed Alan for a behind-the-scenes, one-on-one Facebook Live interview to talk more about life in the NHRA. At both events, Kinetic by Windstream gave away free tickets to the races and Amazon Alexa Towers. At the races, fans could score exclusive money-saving weekend deals.
Sponsoring NHRA racing has been a natural fit for Kinetic by Windstream as we advance our High-Speed Internet to be better, faster and stronger.
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