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New Year, New You, Same Home Space

  • High-Speed Internet. With many internet providers available, it's important to remember that your broadband strength and high-speed internet play a crucial role in keeping video screens running and workout classes streaming. With Kinetic by Windstream fiber broadband, families in one home can connect virtually on multiple devices without fear of buffering or being disconnected.
  • Internet Security. It is also important to remember that a secure connection is key. Nobody wants an unwelcome workout buddy or uninvited student interrupting a sweat sesh or disrupting your virtual classroom. Be sure to consider products like Kinetic Secure that help monitor and protect your devices.
  • Device Protection. Kinetic Secure creates a secure network in your home to help protect all your internet connected devices – from desktop computers and phones to smart TVs and gaming consoles. Kinetic Secure not only helps keep your internet connection secure but also blocks tracking companies from profiling your online behavior.
If you’ve been wondering if your Internet service is sized right for your needs, visit Windstream.com/internet.
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