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Online Gaming & Internet Safety

The majority though require a strong internet connection.

This October, Windstream is celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month by giving you the tips and tools you need to protect you and your family. And with nearly 593 million online gamers worldwide, today we’re giving you some recommendations on how to keep your kids safe while gaming on your Kinetic Internet connection.

1. Keep A Low Profile

Have your children use avatars instead of uploading their pictures to their gaming profiles. And before they get started, talk to them about the importance of not sharing too much information about themselves to strangers.

2. Watch Out for Downloads

Whether you’re downloading “cheats,” unofficial copies of games or even free trials of a portion of a game, be wary of downloads. Downloads could contain malware or viruses, especially if you aren’t getting them from a reputable source, so update your gaming systems, along with any security software.

3. Take Caution When Purchasing Items

Again, make sure that your children are purchasing from a reputable source. If you’re saving your credit card information to the game console, create a strong password linked to the account. If you don’t want your children to buy things willy-nilly, don’t attach a card to the account.

4. Set Some Rules

Establish some rules for your children to play online. The rules can vary depending on your priorities. As an example, if you’re worried about voice chats during games — when your children may hear expletives or other foul or lewd language — have them disable that feature. Have your own children be respectful online.

And don’t forget about house rules, such as when they can play video games and for how long.

5. Safe disposal

If your family is foregoing one game console for another or switching out computers, wipe the old ones clean. Here’s how you can reset your Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch to factory settings.

Remember these tips as your children venture into online gaming, and don’t be afraid to pick up the joysticks and play along! It’ll give you more insight on the types of games your kids are playing — and may help improve family wellness.

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