Talking Tech for Hunters

Sky’s the Limit

While hunting with drones is still under much scrutiny, hunters are now using them as game spotters. You want a drone with a high operating range and HD camera. Aside from its high definition camera, the DJI Mavic Pro has a maximum flight time of 27 minutes, giving you plenty of time in the air. With this drone you can even spot the game within four miles, giving you time to grab your gear and get to the spot.

Long Shot Look

The Stealth Cam® GXW Wireless is a cellular game camera capable of sending videos and pictures straight to your smartphone. The camera works with your Internet service to provide you with real-time footage. Just connect the free Stealth Cam app, and you’re ready for action. With a motion detector and built-in night vision, this camera adjusts to conserve power and store more images.

View from the Trees

Not wanting to invest in a game camera that sends the photos back to you? How about the Stealth Cam WiFi Wireless Card Reader. It allows you to send everything on your memory card to your phone without having to plug in directly to your phone. The reader enables you to stream pictures and video from your trail cam or any other camera’s SD card to your smartphone.

Feeding from Your Phone

The X80 Wireless Feeder Controller from Buckeye Cam allows complete wireless control and monitoring of feeders from several miles away. The cameras and feeders can all be controlled and monitored from one simple software application, giving you a level of control and flexibility unmatched by any product on the market. With top-notch feeding features, this high-tech feeder can take your hunting game to the next level.

Call of the Wild

When it comes to hunting of any type, decoys are almost always needed, but setting them up can be a task. The IHUNT Predator Call and Decoy 3D gives you all the control you need to get the game right where you want them. Controlled by your smartphone, you have the ability to play over 700 different calls at the same time.

While making sure the hunter in your life is caught up to speed with today’s technology, there is one vital piece of the puzzle needed: Internet speed. Without the right speeds, the ability to access photos, videos and devices are all irrelevant. Check with your local Internet provider on speeds available in your area. Set your hunt up for success and check out our premium Internet services today.
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