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Uploads, Downloads and Everything In Between

However, there are still major misunderstandings around uploading and downloading speeds. To address these issues, we at Windstream took a survey of our call center reps to get the top misconceptions when it comes to upload/download:

Uploading vs Downloading

While a customer may pay for a certain speed, that may not be the same speed for uploading or download information online. Uploading is the process of putting information onto a web server. Downloading is the process of transferring data from a web server onto your computer or device. While upload speed is not often discussed, it’s important to understand how your online habits will affect your speeds and your online experience. For example, if you plan to do a lot of online gaming, you want to make sure your upload speeds are higher than 768 Kbps. To avoid any lag issues, make sure the speed you’ve signed up for matches your Internet usage.

Multiple Devices Can Do Damage

The number of devices on your network can have a major impact on your upload/download performance. Many of our call center reps reported that customers were often unaware of the impact the number of connected devices can have on upload/download speeds. Every device that you run concurrently can limit your overall speeds. For example, three devices all streaming HD video concurrently could be consuming up to 15 Mbps. Be sure to disconnect any devices not in use and, if you have roommates, consider establishing a broadband schedule to make sure high-usage activities like video chatting, streaming or online gaming aren’t negatively impacting everyone’s online experience.

Post Dinnertime is the Worst Internet Time

Time of day can have a major impact on download/upload speeds. Following dinner (8-10 PM), typically leads to popular activates like video streaming, online gaming and extensive device use can really impact your broadband performance. Even beyond your own connection, community broadband networks can see measurable lag time during this high-usage time of day, causing noticeable slow downs for individual connections. Try to stagger major usage activates such as streaming or online gaming for non-peak hours to avoid any lag on your network.

These solutions will help you achieve the best possible speeds on your network. However, if you’re still finding that your upload/download speeds aren’t facilitating your online habits, you may need faster speed options. Please contact your local Windstream rep with any questions or visit our Windstream high-speed Internet page to learn more about what speeds are best for you.

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