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What is the Hopper? Cool Features About the DISH-Powered Tool

What is The Hopper?

The Hopper is DISH’s Whole-Home HD DVR system that allows the user to take control of their TV watching habits and never have to miss their favorite television show or movie! Not only does The Hopper serve as an intuitive DVR system, it offers a few additional features that rival its competitors.

1. Commercial-Free TV

The Hopper allows the viewer to skip commercials for certain recorded primetime television stations. These stations include: ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. That’s over an hour saved per night!

2. Remote Control Locator

Just like loose change and spare socks, remote controls can become the victim of your couch or other random nook in your home. The Hopper offers a button that will “call” your remote control so that you can hear where it’s run off to! That way, you will never lose your remote control again!

3. The Joey

The Joey is a feature that operates as a Sling to connect every TV in your home to The Hopper. Watch all the same entertainment from any TV in the home! The Joey also includes all the features found on The Hopper, including the Remote Control Locator.

4. Take Your TV Anywhere

Get access to live TV, thousands of On Demand titles and all of your DVR Recordings no matter where you are, with the internet connected Hopper. Just download the Dish Anywhere app to your Apple or Android device or go to dishanywhere.com on your computer. You can even transfer your recorded programs to your mobile device and watch when you are offline during a long flight or road trip.
Do the features of The Hopper have you intrigued? Check out our DISH packages and see which one is right for you!
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