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Why So Slow? A Few Common Reasons Your Internet Is Slow


The most common reason your Internet may not be performing sufficiently could be due to spyware and viruses. Spyware interferes with your browser by taking over most of the attention of your Internet connection. It also keeps tabs on your keystrokes, which is why certain functions and actions may seem delayed. The more spyware infecting your computer, the worse the problem becomes. Make sure you have security software installed that can scan for and remove spyware.


Viruses install computer codes (almost like a standalone program) and attempts to reproduce until it’s taken over your computer. The first sign of a virus is often in your Internet connection. This is because most viruses are sent via e-mail. The rate in which a virus multiplies causes extremely slow computer performance overall. Keep your anti-virus software running at all times.

Bandwidth hogs

Sometimes there’s nothing “bad” going on with your computer and your connection is still extremely slow. This could be caused by massive download or upload hogs running on your computer. If you’re uploading or downloading multiple files to a site or online storage, your bandwidth can be greatly reduced, causing a slower Internet connection. For programs like this, you can sometimes set a bandwidth cap in order to continue enjoying adequate Internet speeds.


Every now and then, your modem or router is causing the issue. You can always restart your connection to see if the problem is resolved. There are also troubleshooting options with your provider. You may require a replacement for your equipment in order to solve the issue.
I hope this helped you in understanding your Internet connection a bit more. What other issues do you think can cause a slow Internet connection?
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