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Working Remotely: Be Your Best At Home

Fortunately, I work for a company where connection is at the very heart of our business. We develop and deliver technology and tools that keep our customers connected, helping them work, learn and stay entertained right from their home. When we tell customers that they can productively work from home or run a large part of their businesses with a strong fiber-backed network and our Kinetic Business products, we’re telling them what we know first-hand. Many of us have been serving our customers, while working remotely, without missing a beat.
Since we all sell tools and have spent time test driving how best to work from home, my co-workers and I have some tips and tricks we wanted to share with you on how to make remote work as successful as possible.
Location, Location, Location – Real estate is key. Find a spot to work comfortably and productively. Don’t leave everything you know about ergonomic safety at the office. Sit properly. Stretch regularly. Stand up every half hour and reach for the ceiling. Give your eyes some screen breaks throughout the day.
Schedule – You don’t just need a workspace. You need work hours. Walk away at the end of the day. It’s really easy to just keep working around the clock. Yes, there is always something you could be doing. But you must give yourself time to recharge in order to continue to be productive in your work.
Communicate – This is not our typical work-at-home experience. You may have kids you’re trying to help with their schoolwork. You may have elderly family members who need daytime help, if their usual caregiver is not available right now. These are things your team may need to know if you need to block time in your day. This is a time where teamwork really shines.

Also, there is all kinds of information we pick up around the office in casual conversations that are not happening right now. Be deliberate that team members know what the expectations are for projects or if there are any deadline changes. We use HD Meeting for collaboration. If we can’t all sit around a table in person, we can do it remotely.

Do What Works – There’s not one way to be successful at remote work. Some of my co-workers say they get dressed for the office and put on shoes every day for the commute across the hall to their home office. It helps tell their brain that it’s work time. Some of us are living in comfort pants and quite enjoying it. Do what works best for you and to make your work days meaningful.
Remember, it’s okay to try new things. We’re all stretching our comfort zones and operating in different ways right now. The most important thing is to keep safe, healthy and connected to one another.
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