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10 Quick Ways to Get in Shape in Your Office Space

Jan 07, 2016

It's no surprise that each year, the most common New Year's resolution is to lose weight and be healthy. Resolutions like these are easier said than done, especially when you work in an office setting. Making small changes and taking breaks away from your computer is a great way to keep you focused and become healthier! Here are some ideas you can use for a quick workout in your office space.

1. 10-20 Reps of “Raise the Roof:” While marching in place, push toward the ceiling with your palms up and thumbs almost touching your shoulders. Use water bottles as weights for a little resistance.

2. 20 Reps of Tricep Kicks: Again, marching in place, bend at the hips, about 45 degrees. Bend your elbows, then extend them behind you as if you are lifting weights.

3. 10 Desk push-ups: Place hands on edge of desk, shoulder width apart, legs out behind you. Push up with as much force as you can.

4. 15 Leg lifts: lift one leg off the seat, extend it out straight, hold for 2 seconds; then lower your foot (stop short of the floor) and hold for several seconds. Switch legs.

5. Bicep Curl: Hold water bottle in right hand and, with abs in and spine straight, curl bottle towards shoulder for 16 reps. Repeat other side.

6. Wall Sits: Standing with your back against the wall, bend the knees and slide your back down the wall until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Sit and hold for 30-60 seconds. 15-20 reps.

7. Ab Squeeze: When walking down the hall or seated during a call. Simply take a deep breath and tighten the abdominal muscles, bringing them in towards the spine as you exhale. Stay squeezed for 5-10 seconds and release. Repeat for 12-15 reps.

8. Shrug those shoulders! Simply raise both shoulders up toward the ears, hold for 5 seconds, then relax. Repeat for 15 reps.

9. 60 seconds worth of jumping jacks at your desk.

10. On a break from your desk, walk for at least 5 minutes.

Try a couple or all 10 to decrease stress and may help you get in shape. Good luck!


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