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3 Tips to Think About Before Buying a New Desk

1. How Would You Use the Desk?

  • Will you be spending most of your time on the computer?
  • Will you need a phone on the desk?
  • Will you need file folders?
If you answered yes to most of these questions, you probably need a desk with a decent amount of workspace.
According to WayFair.com, here a few things to keep in mind when selecting the type of desk.
  • The standard desk shape is rectangular, should fit in almost every room.
  • An L-shaped or corner desk may work best if your workspace is in a corner.
  • If you've got a large room, a U-shaped desk can provide lots of storage and workspace.

2. Health and Comfort

If the desk you choose has a hutch attached, look at where the monitor placement will be. Make sure it doesn't raise the monitor above eye level when you are seated in your computer chair. Eye doctors generally recommend the screen sit approximately 20 inches from your face and that the center of the screen be about 15 degrees below eye level. If the desk you chose does raise the monitor, you may want to consider a different desk without a hutch and add a separate filing cabinet.

3. Where You Sit

Sit in your computer chair to measure the distance from the floor to top of your thighs. Keep this in mind as this is approximately the minimum amount of space you will want under the desk. Also, measure from the floor to where your hands rest naturally when you are typing or writing. This should be the approximate height for the keyboard and mouse drawer.
Keeping these essential tips in mind along with your personal style will help narrow down the right desk for you. Happy desk hunting!
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