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9 Tips For A More Productive Home Office

Sep 04, 2020

2020 has reinvented work life, and with it, the home office. Across the country, people are trying to maximize their work areas to mimic and even improve their in-office setups. At Kinetic, we know how important a thoughtful work environment is.

We’ve put together some tips to get your home office ready for whatever the rest of 2020 has in store.

  1. Connectivity is #1. You can’t get your work done if your internet connection is unreliable. Fiber-fast internet allows for a seamless internet connection (one of the many reasons we’re investing heavily in our fiber network.). Multiple devices can be connected at once without a lag in speed. Meaning you can join a video call while your kids are attending school virtually or if you need to attend a conference virtually but get pulled into a video meeting, your fiber internet won’t let you down.
  2. Safety First: Collaborating with coworkers is essential and doing so on a highly secure application is even more crucial. Kinetic Pro Pack keep you connected and collaborating all while staying secure. Other benefits include: 24/7/365 technical support with Whole Home Agent, spam call alert, identity theft protection and more.
  3. Location, Location, Location. Find a spot to work comfortably and productively. Don’t ignore everything you know about ergonomic safety back at the office. Remember to: sit properly, stretch regularly, stand up every half hour, and most importantly, give your eyes some screen breaks throughout the day.
  4. Let There Be Light! Professional designers in Entrepreneur Magazine say natural light is best to keep productivity up and reduce stress. Positioning your monitor so there is no glare from an overhead light or window is important. Putting a small lamp on your home desk can be helpful as well.
  5. Communicate more than normal. This is not our typical home office experience. You may have kids you’re trying to help with their schoolwork or have elderly family members who need daytime help. These are things your team may need to know if they’re trying to reach you at specific times of day. Now is the time for teamwork among you and your coworkers. Remember, there is all kinds of information we pick up around the office in casual conversations that are not happening in your kitchen. Make sure that your coworkers know what the expectations are for projects or if there are any deadline changes. Kinetic Business HD Meeting is a great tool for adding the personal touch back into daily and weekly meetings. You can’t all sit around a table in person, but you can do it remotely.
  6. Give yourself a view. According to HGTV, , positioning your desk so that you can stare at something more than just a blank wall can help with productivity and mood. Paint the wall your favorite color, face a window, hang a nice picture or piece of art and position your chair to face the door.
  7. Stay on a schedule. It’s really easy to just keep working around the clock. Walk away at the end of the day. You must give yourself time to recharge in order to continue to be productive. So drink your morning coffee, eat your lunch and take your normal breaks. With the right home office setup, it should feel like you are going to your “office” in the morning and leaving at the end of the day.
  8. Set your camera angle just right. RoomRater has been inspiring laughs on Twitter with  home office setups and mainly critiquing celebrities but, according to their best critics, make sure to keep your camera level. You don’t want your coworkers looking up at your chin or down at the top of your head. Kinetic Business Office Suite allows you to make sure your camera is angled the best way before you even join a video call.
  9. Last but not least, inspire yourself. Another great tip from HGTV is to set up a mini-shrine. Add a few cherished knickknacks, a piece of framed art, a special photo on your desk or something that motivates you to create and get the work done.

There’s not just one way to create a home office setup that works for you, but we like to think some of these tips will help. Do what works best. Remember, it’s okay to try new things. We’re all stretching our comfort zones and operating in different ways.


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