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Be the Best Internet Host During the Holidays with These Tips

So, what does it mean to be a good Internet host? In reality, it’s having none of your family members groaning and wondering, “Why is your Internet so slow?” In other words, it’s important to be sure you have sufficient Internet speeds to support the heightened amount of activity. Before your extended family arrives this holiday season, here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your Kinetic Internet is running at its best:

Share a Piece of the Internet Pie

The most common feedback from customers is that they aren’t getting the Internet speeds they signed up for. There are a variety of reasons why this might be, including time of day, the number of devices and activities. Internet speed is like a pie: every concurrent activity and connected device takes a slice from the pie, effectively giving you slow Internet. To make sure you’re getting the speed you need, limit the number of devices you have going at the same time and try to stagger high-usage activities like streaming, video chatting or online gaming.

Unused Devices Can Eat Your Bandwidth

Another common misconception centers around connected devices. Even if you’re not actively using a device like a smartphone or tablet, it can still eat up bandwidth to maintain a variety of applications or programs. To combat this, regularly disconnect any unused devices from your network to limit the strain on your bandwidth. This small change can make a huge impact on the overall performance of your Internet.

The Modem Sweet Spot

Where your wireless modem is placed in your home has an impact on the quality of your connection throughout your home. Physical barriers such as brick, walls, water, metal, reflective surfaces, windows and furniture can prevent wireless signals from effortlessly traveling back-and-forth between your modem and computer. Wireless signals need to be able to travel. If they can't, you end up with intermittent — or no — signal. To improve connectivity, try moving your modem (or the physical barrier, if possible). You may need to try a few locations to figure out what consistently works.

With these solutions in your back pocket, we hope you'll be free of slow Internet speeds, and be able to post all your holiday selfies and stream your favorite holiday movies with ease! After all, the family that shares Kinetic Wi-Fi together, stays together.

If you’re still finding that your Internet speeds aren’t meeting your online needs, you may need a faster speed tier. Please contact your local Windstream rep with any questions, or visit our Kinetic high-speed Internet page to learn more about what speeds are best for you.

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