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Do Your Part – Be CyberSmart

Oct 01, 2020

The Department of Homeland Security designates October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. It’s a good time remember that not all scary scenarios are reserved for Halloween. And while government and law enforcement resources are dedicated to national cybersecurity, we all need to do our part to manage our own security for our homes and businesses.

Because 2020 has seen a major disruption to all our lives, how we work, get an education and entertain our families is more virtual than ever. This critical online connection is more important than ever. It’s also highlighted how important security is. Criminals don’t take time off for a pandemic. They are always looking for a way in.

Cybercrime can include everything from identity theft, financial loss, intellectual property violations to child abuse. Some of the most common examples include ransomware, adware, spyware and viruses. These tools enable bad actors to steal your money, your name or endanger loved ones.

So what can you do to improve your personal or business cybersecurity?

If You Connect It, Protect It

It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or in an office or on the go, if the device you’re using is connected to the internet, there is the potential for a bad actor to gain access to private information.

It’s important to understand the devices you’re using and how they are connected. Avoid using free or open Wi-Fi networks. These are much more easily exploited than secured networks. Implement multifactor authentication to secure your information. Consider products that monitor and protect your devices, like Kinetic Secure.

Award-winning Kinetic Secure blocks viruses, malware and ransomware. The total internet protection secures online identity, date and transactions, as well as defends families from cybercrime. It even tracks as you enter websites of financial institutions and can warn you if they are deemed risky based on industry criteria.

Additionally, Kinetic Secure protects all users at home on the gateway as well as users’ devices on-the-go. Customers can get Premium Technical Support on all Kinetic Secure packages and have the option to add Identity Theft Protection and wire maintenance plans.

Securing Devices at Home and Work

According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, in 2019, the U.S. business sector had 17% increase in data breaches. It’s rare that systems fail. But people often do. Employees don’t install software patches or click on malicious link and the next thing you know, important information is out in the world.

  • It’s important to treat business information like personal information. Often that’s exactly what it is. Never share company data over an unsecured network.
  • Keep criminals guessing on your passwords.
  • Remember, wireless technology in your office means machines are constantly exchanging data in order to complete tasks. Make sure your wireless configurations are correct to keep someone from hacking private information going to the printer.
  • Make sure all software on computers are up to date. Employees should make sure software on smartphones is also current.
  • Social media is part of a criminal’s toolkit. Don’t conduct company business on a social platform. Consider how much information about your company is appropriate to share on social sites.

Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare

A growing number of people are using telemedicine, patient apps and internet connected medical devices. In 2020, many people handled routine med checks with their physicians for the first time in order to avoid unnecessary exposure to group settings. These developments can be empowering for families, particularly with senior relatives or someone with a chronic illness.

They can also expose vulnerabilities that cyber criminals regularly attempt to exploit. While it is necessary to ensure that all devices all secure, this is especially true of smart medical devices. Make sure any software or hardware in use is HIPAA compliant.

The Future of Connected Devices

The future of technology is exciting. Innovations, such as 5G, can bring faster speeds and bigger data transfers, which will be important for businesses. With more connectivity, we all have more responsibility. It is not only necessary to safeguard our personal devices, but all devices we interact with.

For more information about total Internet protection for all your family and devices at home and on the go, learn about Kinetic Secure Packs.


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