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Quick Tip: 3 Ways to Get in Your Back-to-School Groove with Kinetic Internet

It will get better and easier — though slowly. But, luckily, we at Windstream are here to help speed that process up with three ways to get back in your groove — all with your Windstream Internet.

1. Productivity Apps

Take a good look at some of the scheduling apps, like Google Calendar or TimeTree, which could come in handy when you’re first starting to sort out everyone’s schedules, practices and other activities.

Try keeping a to-do list for yourself and for your family, too, with apps like Google KeepTodoist. The lists can range from day-to-day chores or even a running grocery list.

Note that some of these apps are free, while others may charge only for what its company considers premium services. Many also will share similar features, so try out a few — maybe even before school starts — to see which fits you and your family best.

2. Homework Help Apps

For those of you who are far removed from grade school, having your kids ask you a calculus or biology question will send you straight to the world of information — the Internet. (And make it Kinetic high-speed Internet, too, right?)

But, like anything else, there’s an app for that! In fact, there are a few, such as Photomath, in which you can point the camera on your mobile phone at a math problem and see how it is solved to get the right answer. Socratic, another app, performs similarly but is not limited to math. A third app, Quizlet, lets you find and use or create your own study set, diagrams and flashcards. Your children can then study whatever material with activities and games.

3. Safety Apps and Parental Controls

Safety apps are a little something to help you keep an eye on your kids, even when they’re unmonitored. While many safety apps are focused on tracking your children’s online activity, there are some that include unique features, like FamilyTime’s PickMeUp that will send you an alert when the kiddos are ready to be picked up, or Circle by Disney’s Time Limits, which will curb how much time your children spend on a certain platform per day. You’ll never have to tell your kids to get off Facebook and finish their homework again!

Download a few of these apps with your wireless Kinetic Internet, and try them out on your own to decide which you like best. Then, go out and conquer those nine months from Week One!
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