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Quick Tip: Prep Your Home for Your Independence Day Bash

And this year, you’re running the show with your own Fourth of July party and wanting to make sure it goes without a hitch. As long as you have that trifecta, you think, how could anything go wrong?
Think about all those small things — like the endless playlists to keep the party going all afternoon, the kids playing video games online and the smart home technology — your Nest thermostat, your Philips Hue lights, your smart refrigerator — all running on your Kinetic Internet.
So, first things first, before the party, run an internet speed test to ensure you’re getting the fastest speeds available to you — and try it out with either more or fewer devices. Remember that the number of devices using your Windstream Internet all at once will affect your bandwidth.
If your internet isn’t running at optimal speeds, here’s how you can improve your bandwidth.

1. Check Your Connected Devices

Think about all the devices connected to your Windstream Wi-Fi and the activities they are trying to perform. To get the speed you need, cut back on the number of devices you have going at once — keep any smart technology in mind — and for those that you do keep on, limit high-usage activities, like streaming or online gaming. And remember that even though you may not be using a device, it can still use up your bandwidth by continuing to run certain applications or programs.

2. Find Your Modem Sweet Spot

Did you know that where you place your modem matters? Wireless signals still travel, so any physical barriers — like walls, metal, windows and even furniture — can impede the signal’s ability to travel. If you find that you are getting intermittent or no signal, try moving around your modem to different locations in your home. The best place may be the closest proximity to all of your devices, but don’t be afraid to move it temporarily closer to your outdoor area!

3. Get a Wi-Fi Extender

What are Wi-Fi extenders? They’re wired or wireless devices that can help boost Wi-Fi signals in parts of your home or office. The devices will pick up the wireless signal, repeat it and boost it in areas where your Kinetic Wi-Fi may be intermittent or nonexistent.

Keep these three tips in mind to be the best internet host for your Fourth of July party. And if all else fails, try a faster speed tier. Visit our Kinetic Internet page to see what speeds are available in your area.
Happy party planning!
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