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Reporting Telephone Service Trouble Made Easy

DIY Phone Troubleshooting.

If you pick up your phone and hear static, think about the phone equipment you have in your home. Answering machines, cordless phones or fax machines may cause interference. You can check these devices by unplugging all of them including the power supply, then plugging one in at a time. Once you have one device such as a cordless phone plugged in, pick up the receiver and see if the static still exists.
If the static is not apparent, add another device such as another phone or your answering machine and test again. If the static appears again, it may be the device you just plugged in causing the trouble. It could be the phone jack you are using too, so you may want to check multiple jacks in your home.
When you aren’t able to get a dial tone, the same troubleshooting steps are applicable. In addition, after unplugging all devices plugged into phone jacks, Do check all the jacks in the home individually by plugging in one phone at a time to see if dial tone is available or not.

You’ve checked the phones and they aren’t working yet … now what?

Windstream understands your phone service is important to you but not only that, your time is valuable too. This is why Windstream has a few easy ways to report issues and report these issues to Repair department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If you are experiencing static or dial tone however still have internet service, you can report the trouble via online chat.
Of course, you are always welcome to call us. Windstream offers an easy to use automated system for you to report the trouble you are experiencing with some easy steps.
  1. Contact Repair at 800-347-1991. The automated system will ask if you are a current customer. Press “1” for Yes.
  2. You will then be asked to enter either your Windstream telephone number or account number located on your bill. Enter the information you have and press #.
  3. The next menu will begin by asking you to press 1 for technical support for any service. Please do so. You will be given the option to select support for Internet service or phone. Phone Repair should be Option 2.
  4. Listen for all options and choose the appropriate option for the trouble you are experiencing. You will hear “Welcome to Windstream's automated ticket system.
  5. You will be asked for a number you can be reached by the technician assigned to the trouble ticket.
  6. You will then be provided with an estimated timeframe for resolution of the trouble or given the option to speak with a representative about an alternate date.

Please make sure to listen to the entire message.

You will then hear “Your ticket has been submitted. Thank you for calling Windstream Communications. Goodbye.”
You’re done! Once this is complete, Windstream will resolve your service trouble as soon as possible.
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