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Stream the Super Bowl with Kinetic

Many have switched to online streaming services this year such as Youtube TV or our own Kinetic TV, where available. If you plan on streaming the game or connecting with family and friends for a virtual celebration, below are some tips on how to watch the Super Bowl without cable and without missing a minute of the action.
  1. Your broadband strength and high-speed internet play a crucial role in keeping your video running.  With Kinetic by Windstream’s Fiber broadband, families in one home can connect virtually on multiple devices without fear of buffering or being disconnected.
  2. Tailgating virtually or want to watch online with friends and family? A secure connection is key. Nobody wants unwelcome visitors to a virtual party with family or friends. Be sure to consider products that help monitor and protect your devices, like Kinetic Secure.
  3. Extend your Wi-Fi in case of dead spots in your home. Some might have what we call “dead spots” in their home where coverage drops or is weak. Don’t let a dead spot take out the game. Kinetic has Wi-Fi extenders to help you get more consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your entire home.
For more in-depth technology solutions for streaming and connecting to others virtually, visit Windstream.com.
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