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Tips To Finish The School Year Strong

While there have certainly been disappointments about canceled sports seasons and skipped traditions, there have also been extraordinary moments of connection and school spirit that remain strong.
As the school year closes out, we have a few last tips and tricks to finish the year strong:

1. Persist

We started with color-coded charts for the day and ended up in blanket forts. We have been fortified along the way by video classes and chats with teachers and phone calls with friends. We have learned some important lessons, though not all from textbooks. As we take a deep breath and dig deep, it’s time to finish the last bit of work.

2. Protect

Our kids are spending more time online than they typically do. They will probably still be doing that into the summer. Make sure you have the proper parental controls for what they see online.

3. Organize

There may be some record keeping that needs to go to the school for next year, or an end-of-year conference with your child’s teacher to wrap things up. Figure out what papers can go in the trash and what needs to be filed for the future.

4. Evaluate

We all learned some things through this process. We learned more about each other. We learned more about how our children digest information. We learned why teachers are amazing and deserve baskets of chocolate chip cookies. Some of us learned all new kinds of math. What worked? What didn’t? As we look forward, what of these lessons can we apply next school year when we start thinking about what a new normal might look like for schools?

5. Celebrate

We did it! The whole world turned upside down and we suddenly became parents, teachers, school counselors, principals and janitors all at once. We did it while we kept working from home or while venturing out for essential jobs. We did it under circumstances that no one would ever choose. Make some homemade ice cream and celebrate!
As your neighbors, we live, work and connect in the communities we serve. We’re proud that Kinetic by Windstream has been part of your connection to education resources, teachers and friends during these unusual times. We’re all in this together.
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