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Ways to Pay Your Windstream Bill


The ease of paying your bill online and avoiding the cost of postage or waiting in line may sound appealing to you as it is available 24/7. You can also go paperless and get an email reminder about your upcoming payment. If you have never signed up for bill pay, just visit Windstream Online to register. Windstream also has a step-by-step registration guide to help you get started.

Auto Pay

Doesn’t automatic bill pay make life so much easier? It is one less thing to worry about (and one less thing to forget). It’s an easy, convenient and secure way to pay your Windstream bill. Auto Pay electronically transfers funds from your checking or credit card account to pay your Windstream bill. No more writing checks, buying stamps, or forgetting your payment. There is no additional charge for this service. Plus, you now have the options to stop receiving a paper bill from Windstream if you choose. Click here to get started using Auto Pay.

Retail Location

Some people prefer to pay bills in person. There is something to be said about good old fashioned face to face contact when doing business. Windstream has several retail locations available to serve you and take payments. However, if you don’t see a retail location in your area, you can still take it to a payment location near you.

By Mail

You can always mail your payment to us. Just make sure it is received by your due date to avoid any late charges. Click here to see our mailing address.

By Phone

If you prefer to pay by phone, just call Windstream Customer Service at 1-866-445-5880. Your payment can be completed through our automated phone system at no additional charge. A processing fee may apply if a representative processes the payment for you.
Hopefully this information is helpful when reviewing the options available to pay your Windstream bill. If you are looking for high-speed internet service or would like to upgrade your current speed, visit us online to see available plans in your area.
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