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Cybersecurity Month: Tips to Make Sure Your Home Stays Protected

So, whether you are still working from home, shopping online, or simply making your morning cup of coffee with your WiFi connected coffee pot;  keeping devices in your home secure should be top of mind. Technology has become ingrained in our everyday lives. October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and we wanted to share a few tips to make sure your household is protected.
  • Be Cyber Smart.
    • Secure your network. Ensuring wireless routers are secure is essential to keeping hackers at bay.
    • Finding a trustworthy internet provider is key to keeping your home secure.
    • Ensure your internet provider also has a security package, offering top-of-the-line virus protection, identity theft protection, and providing assistance to you in the event of a breach. This helps make sure your home is protected.
  • Fight the Phish.
    • Trust your gut. Be suspicious of unsolicited emails; don’t click any links or provide any personal information.
    • Use different passwords on each device and never use repeat passwords on accounts.
  • Explore. Experience. Share.
    • Share cybersecurity tips and information with family and friends.
    • Research resources to ensure you have the information you need to be more safe and secure online.
  • Cybersecurity First.
    • If you connect it, protect it. Do not dismiss software updates. Stay up-to-date with the latest virus protection software.
    • Add multi-factor authentication to ensure your accounts are secure and you’re the only person who has access to them.

Keeping your home safe and protected is the most important thing, no matter how many devices you have.  To learn more about cybersecurity and how to #BeCyberSmart, visit https://www.cisa.gov/cybersecurity-awareness-month.

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