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Kinetic and A Million Thanks Partner for the Second Year to Celebrate Military Appreciation Month

“When we talk to our neighbors in communities we serve about what’s important to them, they often tell us they want to see support for our military and veterans,” said Christy Drummond, director of local marketing for Kinetic. “Given that there are nearly 50 military bases and installations in our territory, this is not really surprising. We see every day the contributions these men and women make both to our country and to our local communities, and we are so pleased to partner again with an organization that gives us a chance to simply say thank you.”

5 Benefits of Fiber Internet vs. Other Residential Broadband Access Methods

What is fiber internet?

Broadband is defined as public high-speed internet. As for the difference between broadband and fiber, fiber is a way to access broadband. Historically, people associate residential broadband connections with DSL and copper lines. But there’s a range of existing methods for accessing broadband. That includes cable modems, wireless connections and satellites. Fiber started becoming an internet connection option for homes in the early 2000s, and is arguably better than any other access method for broadband. Fiber works off of digital signals that travel over fiber-optic, which uses glass particles that reflect light. “Fiber is great for any speed, any use case, any customer out there,” Pieroni said. “If you have the opportunity to take fiber, it is the preference over any other access method.” Want to know why? Here are five advantages of fiber internet vs. other broadband access methods.
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