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Telephone Listing Rules and Examples

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  • Standard listing: Smith, John
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Your DISH Equipment

By providing us with the number of TVs in your home, Windstream will be able to recommend the best service and equipment to compliment your DISH package. The Hopper, Joey, and Super Joey will help complete your DISH package by providing you with a Whole-Home DVR solution that meets your specific needs.

Equipment We Recommend Based On Your TV Setup

Number of TVs Recommended Equipment
One One Hopper
Two One Hopper
One Joey
Three One Hopper
Two Joeys
Four One Hopper
Two Joeys
One Super Joey
Five One Hopper
Three Joeys
One Super Joey

Equipment Breakdown

The Hopper

Access your LIVE TV, thousands of On Demand titles, and everything from your DVR even when you're away from home.

  • Easily skip commercials in recorded PrimeTime Anytime Shows
  • Record up to 6 live HD channels during primetime
  • Full HD DVR functionality on every TV, including the ability to pause, fast-forward and rewind live TV
  • Share DVR recordings between any HD TV in the home
  • $15 monthly fee


The Joey offers the features found on the Hopper, including Remote Control Locator.

  • Connects other TVs in the home with the Hopper
  • Compact - tucks behind the TV or inside a cabinet
  • $7 monthly fee (per Joey)

Super Joey

The Super Joey gives you the power to record up to 8 channels at once.

  • Adds 2 tuners to the Hopper system
  • Reduces recording conflicts
  • $10 monthly fee

Wireless Set Top Boxes

Now, you have the freedom to watch TV in any room in your house.

Number of TVs Equipment Monthly Charge
First TV Whole Home DVR No Charge
Additional TVs Wireless Set Top Box $8.00/each

To take advantage of Kinetic’s whole home live TV and recorded programming capabilities you will need Kinetic set-top boxes to communicate with your DVR. Having Kinetic set top boxes will enable you to pause a show in one room and play it in another as well as watch all of your recorded programming on any TV in the house.

The whole home DVR is included at no additional charge to enable full Kinetic capabilities on your first TV. Enjoy all the Kinetic features on additional TVs using set top boxes for only $8.00/month per TV.

NOTE: TVs that are not connected to either a Kinetic DVR or wireless set top box will not be able to receive Kinetic live programming nor recorded content. Please select the total number of TVs in your home that you wish to set up with Kinetic service when completing your online order.

Windstream Phone Features

  • Residential Phone Line
  • Unlimited Nationwide Long Distance
  • 13 additional calling features
    • Caller ID Deluxe
    • Enhanced Call Waiting
    • Caller ID on Call Waiting
    • Call Return
    • Repeat Dial
    • Three-Way Calling
    • Speed Calling 30
    • Call Forwarding
    • Selective Call Rejection
    • Selective Call Acceptance
    • Call Selector
    • Preferred Call Forwarding
    • Anonymous Call Rejection

Windstream Shield Features

Feature Lite Standard Premium
Multi-device security for PCs, tablet and smartphones Yes Yes Yes
Personal ID theft protection and credit score access Yes Yes Yes
File loss prevention and 100 GB of online backup Yes Yes Yes
PC / Mac support for technical issues No Yes Yes
Device accidental damage protection No No Yes
Internet and phone wire protection No Yes Yes
Whole-home technical support for any internet-connected device No No Yes


What is the DISH Protection Plan?

The DISH Protection Plan provides free shipping for equipment replacements and reduces the cost of in-home visits after the initial DISH installation from $95 to $10. The Protection Plan is free for 6 months with DISH packages and will automatically be added to your order. After 6 months, the regular price of $8/mo applies unless you call to remove the Protection Plan.

Learn More About DISH Promotions

HD FREE for Life© Offer

Additional $10/mo. fee is waived for life of current account. Offer is limited to channels associated with selected programming package. Qualifying programming packages are America’s Top 120 and above.

Premium Channels Offer

Subject to credit qualification. After 3 mos., you will be billed $60/mo. for HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and DISH Movie Pack unless you call to cancel.

Electronics Financing

Windstream's financing is based on cart price.

Cart Price Financing
$0 – $149 6-month financing
$150 – $399 12-month financing
$400 – 750 24-month financing
$751+ No financing available