Windows 10 dial-up setup

Most computers don't come with dialup modems, so make sure you have one installed before proceeding. Be sure the dialup modem is compatible with Windows 10. 
1. Click on the network icon which is normally located at the bottom right of your screen. 

2. Click Network settings. 

3. Click on Dial-up on the left side. 

4. Click Set up a new connection

5. Click Connect to the Internet. 

6. Click Next

7. Click Dial-up. 
8. Enter the number provided to you from Windstream to dial.  
9. Enter your Windstream email address and password.  
10. Name the connection Windstream dial-up. 
11. Click Create
12. As the final screen states, “To connect to the Internet next time, left-click the network icon in the taskbar and click the connection you just created.”  
13. Click Close.

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