Kinetic Secure Packages

Connect Secure

$9.99 /mo.
  • Internet Security - enhanced security, parental controls and device management
  • Internet Security On The Go - antivirus and malware protection
  • Wi-Fi Agent – Wi-Fi device connectivity support

Self Secure

$11.99 /mo.
  • Wi-Fi Agent – Wi-Fi device connectivity support
  • Whole Home Agent – enhanced technical support 24/7/365
  • Identity Theft Protection – with credit monitoring and instant access to your credit report and credit score

Existing customers, please call (877) 368-0160 to learn more.

Secure your digital life

No matter what type of internet protection you need, each Kinetic Secure security suite provides peace of mind knowing your personal information is protected against malware, personal ID theft and other essential features for complete home network security. Plus, you can take control of your Wi-Fi network security and create a healthy online environment for children with content filters and online time limits.

All the features to keep you protected

Wi-Fi Agent is available 24/7 to help you solve issues with installation, activation or ongoing problems, so you can stay connected and secure, and troubleshoot the Wi-Fi for all your devices.

Internet Security and Internet Security on the go provide a comprehensive internet security suite, including gateway and endpoint security with parental controls, plus, malware and virus protection against the latest threats. Backed by renowned F-Secure products, our software continually updates itself with new enhancements and upgrades delivered behind-the-scenes.

Identity Theft Protection provides you with credit monitoring and instant access to your credit report and credit score. Our Identity Theft Protection also includes CyberGuard, which monitors known criminal websites for illegal trading of personal information. Other features include: Social Security number monitoring, change of address monitoring, non-credit loans monitoring, restoration services and one-million-dollar insurance.


And more!

Tech Help is unlimited 24/7/365 technical support from our expert technology desk. Don't get frustrated spending hours trying to solve PC technical issues. Let our experts handle it for you, so you can spend time on the things you love.

Protection Plus is wire maintenance protection within your home. It covers all lines billed on the same account and provides protection from repair costs when a problem is found with your inside standard wiring, jacks or other owned equipment.

Whole Home Agent is remote, enhanced technical support for your entire family. If your issue involves software, networking or any device that plugs into a PC, chances are our experts can help you. You'll get your very own virtual IT department available all the time.

Discover Kinetic Pro Pack designed to keep you connected from home.


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