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Wi-Fi Manager for connection control at home

With our Kinetic Wi-Fi management tool, you can easily manage your network connections, update your Wi-Fi name and password, and more.
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Manage Wi-Fi at home or on the go

With Kinetic Internet, you can enjoy optimal Wi-Fi control through our management tool, no matter where you are. Personalize and oversee your connections in one central place by using our Go Kinetic app.

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Add protection to your home connection

Choose Kinetic Secure* and get total protection across all of your devices.

Pause access to your Wi-Fi network
See what devices are online and set time limits
Easily manage all device profiles
Set parental controls to manage Wi-Fi usage and content viewing capabilities
Mesh Extender

Increase Your Coverage With Kinetic Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders

Kinetic Wi-Fi Mesh Extenders are devices that can be paired with compatible Kinetic Gateways to create a mesh Wi-Fi network. This helps eliminate areas where Wi-Fi coverage drops or weakens. Extenders provide a greater reach of consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

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