Remote Assistance

You are about to establish a remote session with a Windstream Technical Support Agent, during which the agent will attempt to troubleshoot your service problems by taking temporary control of your device.

Please take note of the following:

  • Windstream may record the session for purposes of providing technical assistance, and you expressly consent to such recording.
  • No third-party programs or software will be installed on your device without prior discussion and your express consent.
  • You are solely responsible for the security of your data and information. Please take steps to ensure sensitive information remains protected during the remote session. Before clicking the Connect to Technician button, be sure to close any webpages or applications that may display sensitive information, such as bank account or health care information, as well as any private photographs.
  • Either you or Windstream may end the remote session at any time.
  • Windstream disclaims any and all liability for any data or software that is lost, damaged, corrupted, deleted or altered prior to, during or after the remote session. Further, Windstream does not guarantee that our service will resolve your service problems, or that our attempts to resolve will not cause additional problems.

By clicking the Connect to Technician button, you confirm your acceptance of the terms above and authorize a Windstream Technical Support agent to take temporary control of your device. If you do not wish to grant remote access to your device, do not click the Connect to Technician button, and our agent will not be granted remote access.

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