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Next-level internet speeds. Only from Kinetic.

Live, work, and play without limits.

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Symmetrical upload and download speeds. No data caps. No contracts.
300 Mbps
500 Mbps
500 Upload/500 Download
3-Month Speed Upgrade
Fast, reliable internet for your whole family. Enjoy 500 Mbps speed for 3 months on our 300 Mbps plan.
Good for your whole family.
Up to 2.5X faster upload speeds than basic cable.
1 Gig
1,000 Upload/1,000 Download
$39.99/mo for 3 months with AutoPay.
Game, stream, and video chat with ease. For streaming and heavy internet use.
Seamless streaming and video calls.
Up to 5X faster upload speeds than basic cable.
2 Gig
2,000 Upload/2,000 Download
Price varies by area.
Enabling your smart home and every device in it. For power users and high bandwidth tasks.
Keep your entire home connected.
Up to 10X faster upload speeds than basic cable.
8 Gig
8,000 Upload/8,000 Download
Price varies by area.
Next-level technology for the ultimate, cutting-edge internet experience.
Virtually unlimited devices with ultra-low lag.
State of the art internet for extreme users.
Up to 40X faster upload speeds than basic cable.
Price after a $10.00/mo AutoPay and a $2.00/mo paperless billing discount. Prices are subject to change after the 12-month promotional period. Taxes & Fees not included.

The awards are streaming in.

Kinetic by Windstream Best Fiber Internet Providers
You deserve internet named Best Fiber Internet of 2023 by Forbes Home.
Kinetic by Windstream Best Internet Providers without border
Experts agree - Kinetic Internet named Best of 2024 Providers by Forbes Home.
CNET-Best of CNET-Logo-2024
CNET has spoken: Kinetic Internet - Best DSL Internet Providers of 2024.
8 Gig: Unimaginable

8 Gig: Unimaginable speeds and bandwidth.

Kinetic 8 Gig internet utilizes advanced fiber optics to provide unparalleled speed and bandwidth, powering your connected life today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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