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Windstream High-Speed Internet and Cable TV

Watch all your favorite shows, games, and movies on any of your devices with our High-Speed Internet and Cable TV package. Plus, take advantage of:

  • Internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps
  • Popular channels like USA, TNT, Disney, Hallmark, plus sports and movie channels
  • 24/7 technical support

Call (866) 454-1986 to order service.

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Watch Your Favorite Shows, Wherever You Go!

Now you can watch your favorite programs on your tablet, smartphone, laptop or other device anywhere in your home, anytime for no extra charge. So if you want college sports, a romantic comedy or cartoons for the kids, no problem. Turn your living room into a multiplex with Windstream.

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Attention, Students!

Already Know Where You're Living Next Year? Windstream service may be included in the cost of your rent. Find out if your housing area includes Windstream service.

Call (866) 454-1986 for more information or visit us at 441 Science Park Road.

Call to order service today.

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