State College Apartments

The following Windstream services are included with your rent.

Apartment Complex TV Internet TV & Internet TV or Internet
Penn State Fraternities Yes
300 Building Yes
Allen Park Yes
Allenway Building Yes
Amitie Condominiums Yes
Burrows Corner Yes
Carlton Apartments Yes
College Avenue Apts Yes
Collegiate Arms Yes
Curtis Kunes Yes
East Side Apartments Yes
Ed Miller Property Yes
Fairmount Hills Yes
Frank Cheng Properties (W College Ave) Yes
Frank Cheng Properties (W Nittany Ave) Yes
Frank Cheng Properties (Wood Alley) Yes
GC Investments/Ned Eldridge Yes
GN Center Yes
Greenwich Court (Herlocher Bldg) Yes
Herlocher Enterprise Yes
Hetzel Plaza - Apts. 309 & 510 Yes
Jeramar Plaza Yes
Legion Lane Townhomes Yes
Lenwood Yes
Lexington House Yes
Lion's Gate Apartments Yes
Locust Lane Apartments Yes
Marion Place Yes
Mt Nittany Yes
Nicholas Tower Yes
Nittany Gardens Yes
Nittany View Yes
Old Boalsburg Road Apartments Yes
Park Hill Apartments Yes
Park Place Yes
Penn State Apts Yes
Rah Rah (Mark Tygel) Yes
Regency Square Yes
Southgate Apartments Yes
Southgate Townhomes Yes
Sutton Court Yes
The Graham Building Yes
The Lion Yes
The Palmerton Yes
Town Square Yes
University Park Nursing Home Yes
University Terrace Yes

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