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What payment options are available to pay my bill?
Windstream offers several convenient ways to pay your monthly bill. Your Windstream bill payment is due by the date provided on your bill. Late payment may result in additional charge that will be reflected on your next bill. Payment Options Online Go paperless and receive and pay your bills... Read More...
How do I improve the speed of my Internet?
Understanding your internet speed and what it means can help you get the most out of your internet connection. Watch our short videos to help you choose the right internet speed for the way you use the internet and make the most of your speed by optimizing your system. How to Maximize your... Read More...
How do i change my wireless network password?
The below information is for customers who purchased: Black wireless modem (with or without Windstream Logo) White wireless modem (without Windstream Logo) Note: If you have a white (2-Wire) modem (with Windstream logo) click here for appropriate instructions on changing your password. A... Read More...

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