How do I use Online Backup?

Here are some links to answers for common questions about using the Online Backup feature:

What types of files can I upload to Windstream Online Backup?

Any type of file can be stored in your Windstream Online Backup, but we don't recommend using it to store operating system or program files (i.e. .EXE files). These types of files will take a lot of room, and you could find them again from your manufacturer's website or installation CDs. If you've uploaded media files (photos, videos, and/or music), you can view, watch, or play them using your personal vault.

If I change a big file, will I have to back up the whole file to Windstream Online Backup again?

Yes. Auto Backup backs up selected files that have changed. This makes sure that exact replicas of the files on your computer are copied to your Vault. Differential and incremental backups are performed. The entire file does not need to get backed up again, only the deltas.

What is Online Backup and how does it work?

Online Backup is special software you install on your computer that allows you to back up the files on that computer. It then can automatically back up any changes you make to those files, as well as new files you add to that PC.

You can access the backed up files in your Windstream Online Backup from any computer by using the web browser to log into and clicking on Backed Up Computers. You will see your backed up computers and files listed. You can also use Online Backup to restore files from Windstream Online Backup to your computer, should you need to.

Does Windstream Online Backup handle open files?

Windstream Online Backup will not be able to backup files that are open and therefore have been locked by your other PC programs, including Microsoft Outlook. When you close the file, it will be available to be backed up.

Will Windstream Online Backup work with my firewall?

Online Backup will work with most firewalls. You will be prompted to allow a connection to Auto Backup when you first use it. To do this, you may need to change your firewall settings or speak with your firewall supplier.

How do I install and set up the Online Backup software?

You will be able to download the Backup desktop client from the Windstream Service Agent.

To install the Windstream Service Agent, follow the download link in the activation email you receive. Click ‘Run’ to install when prompted, or alternatively, download the software onto the local drive then double click on the downloaded installer.

Read and accept both the Licence Agreement and Privacy Policy and click Next to continue.

Click Install to begin the installation of the Windstream Service Agent.

Once the Windstream Service Agent is installed, type in your username, password and phone number.

After activation, a window will appear with a welcome message and link to install and activate the Windstream Online Backup.

Once installed, click Launch to open and activate Windstream Online Backup.

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