Kinetic Secure Support

Kinetic Secure Support

Are there certain requirements for the Kinetic Secure packages?

Do I have to be a Kinetic by Windstream Internet subscriber to qualify for a Kinetic Secure package?

Does Self SECURE and Total SECURE (both including Whole Home Agent) include WI-FI Device Connectivity Support also?

How do I activate my Kinetic Secure services?

How can I use my Kinetic Internet Security?

How does Internet Security and Internet Security on-the-go (OTG) differ from Security Suite?

How does the WI-FI Agent assist the customer remotely and not on site?

How do I know that my modem or router is compatible with Kinetic Internet Security?

How do I manage the Kinetic Internet Security features?

I already pay for anti-virus on my PC so why do I need Internet Security OTG?

I don’t need Internet Security OTG because I’m careful about what I click/open.

How do I start using Kinetic Internet Security?

I use free antivirus already so why do I need Internet Security OTG?

I’m protected by my bank already so why do I need internet security?

How many devices can be protected by Kinetic Internet Security?

Is Internet Security different from Wi-Fi Management?

What are the primary differences between Whole Home Agent and Wi-Fi Agent?

What is the difference between Windstream’s Broadband Tier 1 Support team and either Wi-Fi Agent and/or Whole Home Agent?

Which SECURE Packs include the new Internet Security and Internet Security on-the-go(OTG) products?

Why are their two mobile aps required for Internet Security and Internet Security OTG?

What are parental controls?

What are the content types for Content filtering?

What is banking protection?

What is browsing protection?

Why should I trust Kinetic by Windstream’s Internet security product?

Why should I trust Windstream’s Kinetic Internet Security and Kinetic Internet Security OTG?

What is the Kinetic Internet Security offered by Windstream?

What kind of data does Windstream collect when you are using Kinetic Internet Security?

What is Smart home protection?

Why do I need Kinetic Internet Security in my home?

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