How to arm and disarm your system?

How do I arm/disarm my Kinetic Secure Home system?

Arming and disarming your system is fast and easy. Take note, before you arm/disarm your system, you'll first want to configure your modes and make sure all sensors are reading close. Click here to learn more

There are three ways to arm/disarm your system:

Mobile App & Web Dashboard

To arm, tap or click the shield icon mode. The mode will turn from grey to blue.
After 45 seconds, the shield icon on the mode bar will fill to indicate your system is armed.
Tap the shield again to disarm. The mode will return to gray to indicate that your system is disarmed.


To arm with a keypad, enter your numeric code then tap the arm or disarm icon below the numbers, You'll hear a double chirp from the device to signify that the system is arming and the arm icon will light up. No noise is made during disarming, but the disarm icon will light up.

Remote Control

The remote control has buttons for arming two modes, a disarm button, and a panic button. To arm and disarm, just click the appropriate icon. To trigger the panic mode, press the panic button three times.

My system's arming "chirps" are too loud.

You can silence your system's arming "chirps" through the mobile app by following these steps:

  1. Select the Devices icon on the bottom right
  2. Click on your hub
  3. Scroll down to "Arming Chirps" and move the toggle to the left

Do I need to be in range of my Kinetic hub to arm/disarm?

Nope! You can arm/disarm from anywhere via the Kinetic Secure Home mobile/web app.

How can I tell if the system is armed or disarmed?

Visit the web dashboard or mobile app. If a mode is blue, your system is armed. If all modes are gray, your system is disarmed.

Can I arm/disarm my system remotely?

You can arm/disarm your system remotely via the web dashboard or mobile app.

Can I create an arm/disarm schedule?

We do not have scheduling available directly within the app

Can I tell who armed/disarmed my system?

Yes! In your activity feed, the admin, member, or user code that armed or disarmed the system will be listed alongside a timestamp.

How much time do I have to leave my home before my Kinetic Secure Home is fully armed?

After tapping a Mode to initiate the arming sequence, you have approximately 45 seconds to exit before your system fully arms. The arming time cannot be changed.

How much time do I have to disarm my system after I enter my home or if I trigger an armed sensor?

After entering your home, the default time to disarm the system is set at 45 seconds. However, the disarm time can be customized within a specific mode. To alter the disarm time, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Kinetic Secure Home mobile app or web dashboard.
  2. Long press on a mode to reveal the Edit Mode page.
  3. On the Edit Mode page, check if Custom Alarm Delay is selected.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the new disarm time (0 - 60 seconds).

Please Note: The Custom Alarm Delay is not available for any modes that have Professional Monitoring enabled, as a 45 second alarm delay is required for Professional Monitoring.

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