System Overview Kinetic Secure Home

Is a monitoring plan required?

Yes, a Kinetic Secure Home monitoring plan is required to use the system. There are both self-monitoring and professionally monitoring options available. Additional fees may apply.

Pro- Monitoring offers:

  • 24/7/365 Professional Monitoring dispatch
  • Custom alert notifications (text, push notification, call, or email)
  • Cellular backup
  • Access to the mobile app for you and an unlimited number of members at your location

If an alarm is activated, Kinetic Secure Home notifies the monitoring station to dispatch your local police. Kinetic Secure Home can also send an automatic notification to your pre-selected contacts. You choose who receives the notification and how Kinetic Secure Home notifies them (text, push notification, call, or email). For example, you can set up text notifications to a neighbor when you are on vacation.

Can I use Kinetic Secure Home with existing alarm equipment?

At this time, the Kinetic hub will only pair with and work with Kinetic Secure Home sensors.

What happens if I move?

You can take the system with you! The sensors are easy to remove and reinstall at your new home.

Kinetic Secure Home is the ideal solution for renters or homeowners, because moving with our system is a breeze. All sensors come with replaceable adhesive backing which is easy to remove. When you move to your new home, pack your sensors and Kinetic Hub, and reconfigure Kinetic Secure Home in your new space.

Is a smartphone required?

A smartphone isn't absolutely required, but highly encouraged to get the most out of your security system for on-the-go awareness, visibility and arming and disarming functionality. Without a smartphone (Android or iOS), you’ll only use the keypad to arm and disarm your system.

Do you have an iOS/Android app?

Yes! We have an Android and iOS mobile app. Users can download here.

Download now on Apple Store and Google Store.

Can Kinetic Secure Home sensors be installed outside?

Not at this time. All system sensors are for indoor use only.

How Kinetic Secure Home Works

System Overview

We know the idea of installing a new home security system can be intimidating, but our DIY installation is a breeze. It takes under 45 minutes (and no power tools!) to install and activate your new home security system.

Our configuration is based around the central unit: The Kinetic Hub. Think of the Kinetic Hub as the brain of your system, continuously keeping tabs on all the activity in your home. The Kinetic Hub pairs wirelessly with the other security sensors, so there’s no need for unsightly cables.

After activation, you can monitor your Kinetic Secure Home system on-the-go from within our app or through your web browser. Whenever an activity takes place in your home, you’ll receive relevant notifications. You can choose what kinds of notifications you want to receive, and how you’d like to receive them (text, push notification, call, or email). Use the Kinetic app to manage notification preferences, add or delete Members, arm or disarm your Kinetic, and more.

Install Your Kinetic

Installing Kinetic Secure Home is simple and hassle-free. There’s no drilling, wiring, or expensive installation process – just a few minutes of setup, and you’re good to go. After signing up for Kinetic Secure Home, you’ll receive an installation box with everything needed for self-installation. The Kinetic Secure Home mobile app also includes step-by-step installation instructions.

Hardware Specs

The Kinetic Hub is Kinetic Secure Home’s central communication center. It connects to your home router and continuously tracks all the sensors in your home. The Kinetic Hub contains a Zigbee and Z-Wave chipset, a siren, a 6-hour backup battery, and a cellular chip. You’re always covered, even if you lose power or the internet goes down.

Connected to the Hub are the Entry Sensors and Motion Sensors. Use Kinetic Entry Sensors for anything else in your home that opens and closes, like cabinets, safes, doors, or windows. Use Motion Sensors for high traffic areas, such as staircases and entryways. With a 50 ft range and a 90-degree viewing angle, Motion Sensors are highly sensitive to movement, even in complete darkness.


Arming and disarming Kinetic Secure Home is fast and easy, and our integrations provide added options to arm and disarm your system. Below is a list of all the options you must arm and disarm your Kinetic Secure Home system:

  • Mobile App
  • Key Fob

Kinetic Secure Home Mobile App: simply press the icon on the home screen of your app to arm and disarm your preferred mode.

Key Fob: type your user code into the Kinetic keypad to arm and disarm. Create unlimited user codes in the app.

Managing Members and Notifications

Grant access to friends, family, babysitters, or roommates by adding them as Members. Members can gain entry through the mobile app. You can add unlimited Members to each location.

What do I need? Sensor Placement and Security Needs

Evaluating your Home

Kinetic Secure Home is customizable because we realize that no two homes are the same. Your set-up will depend on the size of your home and your individual security needs.

At minimum, you’ll need one Kinetic Hub and at least one sensor. For windows and doors, we recommend an Entry Sensor. Place Motion Sensors in key areas that an intruder would have to walk through, like the stairwell or main hallway. If you have many windows, you can also use Motion Sensors to monitor multiple windows. The Motion Sensor can detect any kind of motion within a 25 ft range.

Don’t forget: You can also use Kinetic Access Sensors to secure anything that opens and closes, like cabinets and safes!

System Requirements

Kinetic Secure Home requires a power source, and primarily, a direct connection to a router or modem via ethernet.

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