How can I use my Kinetic Secure: Internet Security?

Everything connected to your home network will appear  on the Internet tab view of the Go Kinetic app.

You can see what protection features you have turned on for each device, and even turn off their internet access at the press of a button.

From the threats view, you’ll see all harmful activity Kinetic Secure: Internet Security detected in your home network. This can be things like harmful websites blocked on your phone or computer, or someone trying to exploit an unsecure smart appliance. You can tap a threat to see more details about it.

The Events screen is an overview of activity on your network. Examples of what you can find in Events include seeing if someone is trying to access content you have chosen to block, and how many intrusive attempts by advertisers to track you have been blocked.

The Kinetic Secure: Internet Security features within the Go Kinetic app give you unprecedented control over how your devices access the internet, which makes it easy to ensure your family maintains healthy online habits.

By grouping your devices into profiles like “Susan’s devices” or “Living Room." You can set an Internet break to restrict access during different parts of the day, and you can limit what kind of content each profile can access.

Worried you or your family are on your devices late into the evening? Use the Bedtime feature to cut off internet access at a specific time, giving you plenty of time to relax and wind down for the night.

For more information on the features and benefits, as well as next steps you may need to take if you have already purchased Kinetic Secure, please click here.

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