How Internet Security and Wi-Fi Management Differ

The introduction of Kinetic by Windstream’s new Internet Security offering is an evolution to the existing Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager portfolio, which now includes all the previous Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager features PLUS new features through Windstream’s security partner, F-Secure. Internet Security and Wi-Fi Management are complementary services. Internet Security through the Kinetic Secure packages is a progression from the standard Wi-Fi Management functionality.  Both products utilize Go Kinetic, the Kinetic by Windstream customer portal for both desktop and app, as the method for accessing and managing the specific features; however, one key difference is that Internet Security is a paid subscription within either Kinetic Connect SECURE or Total SECURE.  Both products require both Go Kinetic and a compatible Kinetic Gateway.

Click here to watch a brief video on the features and benefits of Wi-Fi Manager within Go Kinetic.

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