Kinetic Secure Package Requirements

  • Customers must subscribe to a Windstream Internet plan.
  • Customers must have a compatible Kinetic Gateway.
  • Customers must download/install Go Kinetic to access of their new Internet Security product.  Note: Go Kinetic is also required for Kinetic Wi-Fi Manager
  • Customers must download the standalone Kinetic Secure app available for Mobile and Desktop in order to access their new Internet Security OTG product.
  • Premium Tech Support will be able to resolve most of customer PC problems remotely through their Internet connection and over the phone. Because we are a remote service, we do not go into the home to do repairs.
    • Examples of what is not included are:
      • Failed/Broken Hard Drives
      • Adding more RAM
      • Cracked Motherboards
  • Bad USB ports or connectors
    • Replacing broken hardware
  • If Windstream Premium Tech Support is not able to resolve the issue, the customer still has piece of mind in experiencing a one-on-one conversation about what the issue is. Giving the customer the understanding of what is happening with the PC and suggestions or options of what the next steps are to resolve the issue (example: a bad cable, where can they obtain a new one).
  • Enhanced In-Home Wire Repair does not cover Lightning, Floods, Intentional Damage, etc.
  • Enhanced In-Home Wire Repair is not available to Travel Trailers or Motor homes unless the home is on a permanent foundation
  • Enhanced In-Home Wire Repair is not available to customers with service on piers, boat houses and house boats

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