What are parental controls?

Kinetic Internet Security gives you control over how your devices access the internet, which makes it easy to ensure your family maintains healthy online habits.

Parental Controls are centrally-managed features that lets you look after your family's well-being by setting screen time limits, and blocking access to undesirable websites.

You can manage parental controls from your Go Kinetic app. This means that you can make changes and add or remove restrictions on the fly without having to have the managed devices physically with you.

Time limits

Time limits allow you to take control of your children's screen time and manage the time they are allowed to spend online:

  • You can set internet breaks to restrict access during certain parts of the day, and
  • You can set bedtime to cut off internet access at specific times, and create different rules for school nights and weekends.

Content filtering

Content filtering gives your children the freedom to explore the internet safely. You can prevent access to undesirable websites based on content categories.

Learn More About Content Filtering

Note: Management of parental controls is not available from the Internet Security OTG app.

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