What Data Does Kinetic Internet Security Collect?

Windstream only collects a minimal amount of data needed for to provide the Kinetic Internet Security and Kinetic Secure app available for mobile and desktop and develop it further, thus offering you better overall user experience. This data collection includes information about how you use Kinetic Internet Security and Kinetic Secure app available for mobile and desktop.

Also, the types of the devices connecting to your home network protected via the Kinetic Internet Security are recognized to distinguish between IoT (smart home) devices and personal devices. This information allows us to provide the IoT device protection function.

The device type recognition sends traffic data to and from a newly connected device to our cloud service for analysis for a short period of time. Once the device is recognized as a personal device (for example, a Windows PC, iPhone or Android tablet), the traffic data stops being sent, and the data that has been collected to determine the device type is eventually deleted for that device. For IoT devices, certain parts of the device traffic are sent to our cloud service for traffic anomaly detection, which is the basis for the advanced smart home security.

We take privacy very seriously, and for this reason, Kinetic Internet Security has been designed to anonymize the data we collect. We never sell your data. Furthermore, you can opt-out of any data collection that is not mandatory for providing the service.

For more information, see our Privacy Policy on our website.

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