What is banking protection?

Banking Protection adds another layer of security when banking online and/or carrying out online money transactions.

When using Banking Protection, every website you enter is checked by querying our Security Cloud. By carrying out this check, Banking Protection gets the information whether the site is listed as one of our trusted banking sites or not. If it is, a notification is shown indicating that you are entering an online banking site secured with https, and that Banking Protection deems the site safe for you to use.

When you start your next online banking session, Banking Protection automatically gets activated again.

Note: On the PC, Banking Protection offers an elevated level of security. Once you have started an online banking session and Banking Protection mode has been activated, Banking Protection disconnects all untrusted applications from the Internet and prevents them from reconnecting while on a trusted banking site. Blocking connections prevents hijacking of your banking sessions keeping your money safe. You can also only access websites that are considered safe during a banking session, otherwise they get blocked.

Note: To benefit from the Banking Protection feature on Android devices, SAFE browser needs to be in use.

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