What is browsing protection?

Browsing protection prevents devices within the home network from accessing harmful and suspicious websites to ensure the safety of your computer and personal data. For example, unwanted web pages can be blocked with a "block page" notification. The URL and domain reputations are checked transparently in the background. Access to safe sites happens normally without any interruptions. Access to unsafe sites is simply blocked. The reputation queries are optimized for the best browsing experience.

Browsing protection helps you browse the internet safely by providing safety ratings for web sites on your browser and blocking access to web sites that have been rated harmful.

It also adds a reputation rating icon before each link on your search result page, even when HTTPS is used. This helps you avoid harmful and suspicious websites even before clicking on them. This feature is available for Google, Yahoo and Bing! search engines.

Note: For Kinetic Internet Security OTG, Browsing Protection is a browser extension/add-on that is part of your security package. The extension is currently available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The extension is automatically installed when you install Kinetic Internet Security OTG on your computer, tablets, or mobile devices, and for most web browsers, the Browsing Protection extension needs to be enabled separately when you open up your selected browser for the first time.

With the extension enabled in your browser, browsing protection ensures safe browsing and safe internet banking by supporting both encrypted (HTTPS), as well as non-encrypted (HTTP) traffic.

What is Tracking protection?

Tracking protection ensures privacy while you browse the web and use apps.

Tracking protection prevents aggressive tracking sites from following your surfing habits. Also, it precludes them from collecting other data about you. It protects your identity online by blocking access to servers known for tracking and by stripping tracking cookies from the server responses.

Anti-malware capabilities prevent access to known malicious advertising networks. Hence, even if you click on an ad pointing to a malicious ad network, the action is blocked by default by your Kinetic Internet Security.

What is Smart home protection?

Households hold an increasing number of internet-connected devices from PCs and smartphones to televisions and even refrigerators. It is impossible to secure all of them individually, and the lack of available security apps leaves many of them vulnerable.

Smart home protection blocks traffic from smart home devices if network traffic analysis detects that the device is sending malicious traffic. This indicates that this device is most likely infected. We recommend to not unblock this device before you have checked the issue with the manufacturer. Smart home devices are devices, such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, digital assistants, baby cams etc. that connect to the internet.

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